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“A beautifully written book about the ocean, its creatures and the adventuresome scuba divers who visit them.” —

Bonnie J. Cardone, author of the Cinnamon Greene Adventure Diving Mysteries 

Landlubbers taking the plunge underwater will be beguiled, terrorized, and inspired by these informative tales of a veteran scuba diver. –
Los Angeles Times – Susan Dworski

A must read for those of us who are addicted to the ocean. … a great way for arm-chair sea-farers and would be divers to step into the unknown. Nature lovers will delight in Ms. Hemenway’s encounters with strange and exotic creatures. Even the most experienced underwater jocks will admire her ‘cool’ as she struggles with fierce ocean currents. … In short, The Universe Next Door will connect the reader with the serendipity of the sea.  –
Kim Harlow, Amazon reader review