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Ben Davison, Editor, Undercurrent Magazine 5star
Review date: 2/28/2015

“If you can’t go diving next week, start turning the pages of Paul and Judy’s superb collection of personal dive tales.

You’ll find yourself underwater with humpback whales in Tonga, gasping at a barracuda feed in Cozumel, or finning through WWII wrecks in Guadalcanal. I felt like I was sitting on the beach, listening to old friends spin their stories just for me. This is the book I always wanted to write. They beat me to it.”

Karen Sunde, author of The Secret Ship. www.karensunde.com 5star
Review date:2/28/2015

“For anyone whose heart beats faster by the ocean, Bubbles Up is an enchanted plunge; it will net you wonders.”

Bonnie J. Cardone, author of The Fireside Diver www.bonniejcardone.com 5star
Review date: 2/28/2015

“From the biggest animals under the sea to some of the smallest ones, the adventurous encounters described by scuba divers Paul Mila and Judy Hemenway in Bubbles Up will keep both divers and non-divers entertained and surprised with little known facts and tidbits. Several chapters present a humorous take on nearly every aspect of scuba from equipment to techniques. This is truly a book about experiencing the ocean that covers its subject from A to Z.”